Hi peeps, I’m back with the continuation of my teaching on Online Income Options, if you missed the previous post on it please check here,

Online Store: The concept of online shops might be new to you but it’s far from being new –even right here in Nigeria. Presently, there are several thousands of online shops spread all over the internet; some of the most popular ones include:,, (eBay is an online auction site), , etc. While right here in Nigeria, we have such successful online shops like,,, etc. You can go to right now and check them out.

Most possibly, you do not have enough capital right now to fund the purchase of all the inventory presently has, however I do assure you – it’s not as important as it seems.let me let you into this secret of a concept called OPM which simply means Other People’s Money. As you must have noticed, you did not see the ‘physical’ items that were for sale on any online shop you must have visited, but the pictures of these items. If that did not ring a bell, let me explain how you can take advantage of OPM and having to display ‘pictures’ on your online shop.

Now, this is how to take the advantage of OPM. Let’s assume you live in Kaduna and you want to own an online shop but you do not own the items (stock) you want to sell. Here’s what you’ll have to do.

First, talk to people who are dealers of the items you’ll want to sell. Reach agreement with them where you will be able to buy the products from them at a good price. With this settled, design your website with all the
items you have for sale listed on them and you’re in business! I’ll advice you to study and other online shops very well if you will want to for such business.

If you are going to use OPM, I’ll suggest you to make the processes involved in what you do as fast as possible so that you can deliver someone’s purchases to them within 24 hrs to 48 hrs. This is a very cool online business

Information Marketing: This is one of the hottest and easiest online business now in Nigeria, it’s all about looking around you, identifying the problems people have then you set to work to try to get the solution for them, let’s take Unemployment for example, sure you know a lot of people are looking for jobs. So therefore these unemployed people will appreciate anything that will increase their chances of getting a job.

You can now go online and make research on how to easily get a job,  how to prepare for interview, how to dress for the interview and how to write a compelling CV, after gathering all these information, you compile them into an article, guide or eBook and call it “Get That Job Of Your Dreams” or any other catchy title that will attract your audience, so that is your information product you can now create a sales letter which you will distribute to subscribers and sell your information product to them.

You can create information products on various niches like, weight loss, Making Money, Traveling etc just identify a need and get to work on it.

Information products can be in the form of eBook, Video, and Audio

Well that is it for today, this blog is actually not for online business options but small-scale businesses so I will be returning with posts on small-scale businesses that require little or no start-up capital.

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