Hi friends, how have you been? I will be writing on Online Business Options today as a source of small-scale business, if you have not been following my blog you can check out my last post on Bulk SMS Business, Online Importation Business, Car Wash Business, you can also check the archives for the other posts.

Affiliate Marketing:

This is the fastest, simplest and easiest business to begin when going for an online business, it is so fast you can start making money in 15mins and so low-cost you can start making money with as little as 15 dollars (N2, 445), In Affiliate Marketing you partner with online business owners to help them sell their goods or services and you in return earn a commission, by earning a percentage for each sale you make.

You can help them make sales by marketing their websites on (Google ad words) or you can also help them make sales by referring your websites visitors to their websites.

The most popular Affiliate Networks are clickbank and commission junction,  for in-depth information on how to make money with Affiliate marketing  subscribe to my new blog on online business options at samiragz.


Blogging is another means of online income if you love writing. A blog is an easy to use and free to own website where you can easily make posts on, if you can send an email yourself then you can use a blog it’s as easy as that, Blog is short for the term Web Log. The first thing you do here is choose a topic which you are greatly interested in and begin blogging on it. After you have posted these contents on your blog you can then start making money with it by running Google AdSense adverts on it, Google AdSense is a type of advertisement program run by, for more information on how to make money blogging subscribe to my blog on making money blogging at


These are two opportunities that are much related, and that you can take advantage of simultaneously.

For the web hosting part, you will have to be a reseller of some already existing hosting company – as I guessed you might not already possess enough financial resources to provide servers and adequate power supply to keep the websites you will host online for 24 hrs. There are several online companies offering reseller programs. You can either join one of them or find a host where you can purchase their packages and then be able to sell them for a handsome enough profit.

Right now, there are a number of Nigerian based hosts (who you can pay in Naira) and then resell the hosting at a profit. To make the most profits from reseller hosting, it would be nice if you combined your hosting and designing services together. For information on how to make money designing website and hosting subscribe to my blog on making money online at

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