Hi folks, it’s been a while, yes I’ve been a bit busy, i hope you guys have been too with some of these business ideas, well today I’m going to be writing on Plantain Chips Business. If you’ve missed any of my posts please check the archives, my last post was on Online Income Options Part 2.

Plantain chips production is one easy way of money generation in Nigeria, this is because plantain chips is a well-loved snacks here in Nigeria and it requires very little capital to set up, you do not require shops for it and unripe plantain is readily available in Nigeria.

With a start-up capital of less than N20, 000, you can generate income of at least N10, 000/day when you are able to produce 1000 packets of plantain chips on daily basis. The price for a small nylon pack of plantain chips sells for N100 in most cities in Nigeria. So, to start your plantain chips production business In Nigeria, here are the requirements and the steps to follow.

Equipments: A big Frying pan, Plantain cutter or Table Knife, Nylon Sealing Machine, Gas Burner or Kerosene Stove, and a weighing Scale

Production Materials: Unripe plantain( bunch), Vegetable Oil, Table Salt, Sugar, Packaging Nylons and printed Labels

The Production Process: Wash the plantains, then peel and slice them with the cutter or table knife into a bowl of water, this is to stop the plantain from turning brown , after slicing pour everything into a sieve to drain the water and season with salt or sugar depending on what your customers prefer, then deep fry them in the oil until they are golden brown in colour and crunchy, then  allow to cool and package in the nylons after weighing them to your desired quantity and seal them, remember to add your labels with your contact address.

You can now start making money by supplying to shops, schools, neighbours etc. This is a very easy way of making money and I do hope you will make use of it.

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