Hello there, it’s been a while, anyway I guess we’ve all been busy well let’s get down to business, I will be discussing about Waste Management Business. If you missed any of my previous posts, you can read them from the archives, the last post i created was Plantain Chips Business, you can read it up if you’ve not done that already.

Waste Management Business is basically collecting, transporting and either disposing or processing it. It’s a term that refers to materials produced by human activity and the process is done to reduce the effect of the waste on human health and the environment.

I’m going to be focusing on the waste disposal here and the different means of waste disposal are

Incineration– This is the method in which the waste materials are subjected to combustion (burning) and converting them to gaseous and residue products. This is probably the best way of disposing of waste materials.

Landfill– This method involves burying the waste in a well dug pit, the only problem with this type of method is that a poorly designed or managed landfill can cause a number of environmental impacts like wind-blown litter, attraction of vermin, and production of gas. This gas can create odor problems, kill surface vegetation, but if well-managed and designed all these can be controlled.

Recycling– This method simply means the collection of the waste materials and reusing them examples of commonly reused waste materials include beverage bottles, these materials can be reprocessed into new products.

Energy Recovery– The energy content of waste materials can be used directly by using them as combustion fuel or indirectly by processing them into another type of fuel. Thermal treatment can use waste material as a fuel source for cooking or heating.

That said, to go into a waste management business all you need to do is to choose your method of waste disposal that suits you, get a truck for the waste collection then register homes to collect their wastes and they pay you at the end of the month, you can start from your neighbourhood, this can be a very lucrative business especially if you live in the urban areas as no one in these times likes leaving waste or refuse laying around.

You provide each house registered with you a waste bin for a fee, which is normally kept outside the gate of the house for easy accessibility when you come to collect the waste , note you do not have to do the job yourself you can employ hands to do the collection and disposal for you, yours is just to supervise the job and make sure the waste materials are collected weekly or at the right time you agreed with your customers then at the end of the month when you are paid by your customers you pay your staffs too.

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Hello guys, I’m back here today and want to talk about the catering business,  I do hope though that you are already trying out some of the business ideas I gave you in my old posts. If you have not seen them I suggest you read Small Businesses that require little or no start-up capital, also read FOOTBALL VIEWING CENTRE and POULTRY FARMING.

Now to the business of the day

Catering Business – Anyone who has a passion for cooking can go for this business and whether you have a start-up capital or not you can start this business with no money, now let me tell you what you need to do, if you love cooking you can start by marketing yourself in your neighborhood for any occasion taking place, when you get the job to do the cooking for an occasion you have the options of doing the cooking yourself if you can handle it or, hire hands to assist you or hire hands to do the cooking and then when you get paid you pay the hands you hire from your pay package. Catering business entails more than cooking food alone, it could also include making of confectionery and snacks

For utensils like cooking pots cutlery, plates and food warmers you can rent them if you do not have the money to get your own as you will always find people renting these things out, now let me explain to you, there are two options of catering services the first option is where you are required to do the cooking with your own ingredients  and serve with your own utensils so at the end of the job or even before the job, you do your billing per plate, this simply means  you buy the food ingredients, do the cooking and serve the guests with your plates, cutlery and warmers and in some cases you will be expected to provide ushers or waiters to serve, in this case  you bill per plate depending on the number of people you will serve, for instance if you bill a plate for N400 and you are supposed to serve 50 people then your bill will be 400 x 50 which will give you N20,000

The second option is where your client provides you with all the ingredients needed and all you are expected to do is the cooking after which you dish the food in the warmers for them to come and pick up, in this case you will only bill your client for the labour, you are not expected to provide your plates or cutlery they will take care of that themselves, so here you bill them based on the quantity of the ingredients you are provided with.

Now when you have a catering job to do all you need is to get a place to do the cooking, this you can do from your home if you have enough space  at home and in some cases the clients invite you to come and do the cooking in their home.

You can advertise yourself by liaising with event planners so that when they have  an occasion or event they will let you handle the catering aspect

You can start catering business on part-time while you build the business and get your supplies and equipments. It is very important that you are always on time, meaning you are able to meet up the requested  time of your client and you need to be well organised, you also need to be able to accommodate your client’s needs.

Now like  most businesses catering business succeeds only when there is a drive and passion for the business, catering can be a tedious and challenging business but with the passion and drive you can succeed in it.

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Have a blessed day


Hello, I’m back again today, still talking about small businesses you can start, I’m going to be talking about Poultry Farming today.
Poultry Farming is a very lucrative but risky and tedious business, you need to be dedicated to make it work and it also requires a lot of patience on your part.

You can start this business on small-scale if you can’t go big, you can start by constructing cages at the back of your house if you have enough space but remember to keep the place clean because dirty and unkept poultry house can invite all sorts of reptiles. You can start with day old chicks or few days old but starting with day old is usually better.

Feeds are readily available just ensure you set aside money for feeds. You should include Layers, Broilers and Cockerel. Cockerels are strong and more resilient than broilers. Broilers are ready for market at about 12 weeks while the Layers take about 18 weeks to start laying eggs. As for the Cockerel they take about six months before they are ready for market.
Like every other business starting a poultry business is not easy especially when starting it on low scale. The Layer farming is more lucrative because apart from selling the eggs produced you can also sell the meat.
This business can be very lucrative with hard work and determination but there are a lot of risks involved, for instance the chicks could fall sick and die and once there is an outbreak of disease it tends to affect the whole birds, but like in every other business it’s worth taking a risk.
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Small Businesses That Require Little Or No Start Up Capital

Since this blog is all about being self employed i’m  going to talk about small business one can begin  with a little start up capital in Nigeria, let me make a list of small businesses that require a little or none start up capital

Laundry Services– You can start a laundry service from the scrap if you have no money to rent a shop and buy the tools needed, all you need do is market yourself to a few homes or families arrange with them to collect their laundry weekly and take to your home wash , iron and return them to the owners and they pay you for your services. Another option is for you to do the laundry there in the homes of your clients but most people will rather you go away with the laundry and bring them back when they are done.

Cleaning Services– Owning a cleaning service does not mean you have to have an office all you need to do here is produce complimentary cards to introduce you to people, offices  etc You can clean homes and offices and you don’t need to do the cleaning yourself, you can hire people to do the actual job all you need to do is to get the contract either from the homes or offices and send your staffs there to do the work and when you are paid which in most cases for offices could be monthly, you can now pay your workers as for the home cleaning you collect your pay as soon as the job is done or depending on your arrangement with your customer.

Day Care Center– In these modern days you find out that in most homes both parents work so the need for a day care where to drop their kids till after work arises. For a day care all you need is your house, you can set up your sitting room or if you have a spare room in your house you could use that, get a collection of toys for the kids ranging from their ages, then you can employ one or two staffs to help you out but bear in mind when setting up a day care center that it is mostly a ladies business as most people will be more comfortable leaving their kids with ladies and you should be someone that love kids if not you won’t be able to tolerate them.

Photography– All you need here is a camera and possibly a video camera and once you hear of an occasion somewhere just head out there and take pictures which you can sell to the owners as for the videotaping you have to get the contract to do the videotaping before you can do this or else you will just videotape without being paid, this can be a very lucrative business as there always weddings almost every weekends

These are a few businesses that require little or no start up capital, i should continue from here tomorrow

Hi i’m back to continue from where i left yesterday

Raw Foodstuffs– you can sell raw food stuffs like beans, garri, grounded pepper etc let me pick beans first you can buy the beans with whatever amount you can start with, spread it on a tray or mat and remove the dirt and stones from it, after than sun dry it then package them as you will want to package them either 500g or 1 kg and sell them to stores i’m sure a lot of people will like to buy clean packed beans instead of buying from the market and coming to clean them before using they will be glad to be relieved of such task you will be surprised at how your business will grow doing this, another example is the grounded  or  powdered dry pepper, you will buy the dry pepper from the market clean it by removing all the dirt, you can use this method of cleaning them. Spread them on a table place an electric fan close to it, turn on the fan and before you know it the fan will blow away all the dirty particles except of course stones which you will have to search for yourself and pick, then you can take them to the milling station mill them, air them and package them in small packages according to the sizes you want to sell and distribute to stores.

You can do this for various other foodstuffs that can be package and sell. So these for now are some of the small businesses that require little or no start up capital.

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