Hello there, it’s been a while, anyway I guess we’ve all been busy well let’s get down to business, I will be discussing about Waste Management Business. If you missed any of my previous posts, you can read them from the archives, the last post i created was Plantain Chips Business, you can read it up if you’ve not done that already.

Waste Management Business is basically collecting, transporting and either disposing or processing it. It’s a term that refers to materials produced by human activity and the process is done to reduce the effect of the waste on human health and the environment.

I’m going to be focusing on the waste disposal here and the different means of waste disposal are

Incineration– This is the method in which the waste materials are subjected to combustion (burning) and converting them to gaseous and residue products. This is probably the best way of disposing of waste materials.

Landfill– This method involves burying the waste in a well dug pit, the only problem with this type of method is that a poorly designed or managed landfill can cause a number of environmental impacts like wind-blown litter, attraction of vermin, and production of gas. This gas can create odor problems, kill surface vegetation, but if well-managed and designed all these can be controlled.

Recycling– This method simply means the collection of the waste materials and reusing them examples of commonly reused waste materials include beverage bottles, these materials can be reprocessed into new products.

Energy Recovery– The energy content of waste materials can be used directly by using them as combustion fuel or indirectly by processing them into another type of fuel. Thermal treatment can use waste material as a fuel source for cooking or heating.

That said, to go into a waste management business all you need to do is to choose your method of waste disposal that suits you, get a truck for the waste collection then register homes to collect their wastes and they pay you at the end of the month, you can start from your neighbourhood, this can be a very lucrative business especially if you live in the urban areas as no one in these times likes leaving waste or refuse laying around.

You provide each house registered with you a waste bin for a fee, which is normally kept outside the gate of the house for easy accessibility when you come to collect the waste , note you do not have to do the job yourself you can employ hands to do the collection and disposal for you, yours is just to supervise the job and make sure the waste materials are collected weekly or at the right time you agreed with your customers then at the end of the month when you are paid by your customers you pay your staffs too.

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Hi folks, it’s been a while, yes I’ve been a bit busy, i hope you guys have been too with some of these business ideas, well today I’m going to be writing on Plantain Chips Business. If you’ve missed any of my posts please check the archives, my last post was on Online Income Options Part 2.

Plantain chips production is one easy way of money generation in Nigeria, this is because plantain chips is a well-loved snacks here in Nigeria and it requires very little capital to set up, you do not require shops for it and unripe plantain is readily available in Nigeria.

With a start-up capital of less than N20, 000, you can generate income of at least N10, 000/day when you are able to produce 1000 packets of plantain chips on daily basis. The price for a small nylon pack of plantain chips sells for N100 in most cities in Nigeria. So, to start your plantain chips production business In Nigeria, here are the requirements and the steps to follow.

Equipments: A big Frying pan, Plantain cutter or Table Knife, Nylon Sealing Machine, Gas Burner or Kerosene Stove, and a weighing Scale

Production Materials: Unripe plantain( bunch), Vegetable Oil, Table Salt, Sugar, Packaging Nylons and printed Labels

The Production Process: Wash the plantains, then peel and slice them with the cutter or table knife into a bowl of water, this is to stop the plantain from turning brown , after slicing pour everything into a sieve to drain the water and season with salt or sugar depending on what your customers prefer, then deep fry them in the oil until they are golden brown in colour and crunchy, then  allow to cool and package in the nylons after weighing them to your desired quantity and seal them, remember to add your labels with your contact address.

You can now start making money by supplying to shops, schools, neighbours etc. This is a very easy way of making money and I do hope you will make use of it.

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Hi peeps, I’m back with the continuation of my teaching on Online Income Options, if you missed the previous post on it please check here,

Online Store: The concept of online shops might be new to you but it’s far from being new –even right here in Nigeria. Presently, there are several thousands of online shops spread all over the internet; some of the most popular ones include: http://www.Amazon.com, http://www.Walmart.com, http://www.eBay.com (eBay is an online auction site), http://www.BarnesandNoble.com , etc. While right here in Nigeria, we have such successful online shops like http://www.ShopforLess.com, http://www.jumia.com, http://www.konga.com, etc. You can go to http://www.shopforless.com right now and check them out.

Most possibly, you do not have enough capital right now to fund the purchase of all the inventory http://www.shopforless.com presently has, however I do assure you – it’s not as important as it seems.let me let you into this secret of a concept called OPM which simply means Other People’s Money. As you must have noticed, you did not see the ‘physical’ items that were for sale on any online shop you must have visited, but the pictures of these items. If that did not ring a bell, let me explain how you can take advantage of OPM and having to display ‘pictures’ on your online shop.

Now, this is how to take the advantage of OPM. Let’s assume you live in Kaduna and you want to own an online shop but you do not own the items (stock) you want to sell. Here’s what you’ll have to do.

First, talk to people who are dealers of the items you’ll want to sell. Reach agreement with them where you will be able to buy the products from them at a good price. With this settled, design your website with all the
items you have for sale listed on them and you’re in business! I’ll advice you to study http://www.shopforless.com and other online shops very well if you will want to for such business.

If you are going to use OPM, I’ll suggest you to make the processes involved in what you do as fast as possible so that you can deliver someone’s purchases to them within 24 hrs to 48 hrs. This is a very cool online business

Information Marketing: This is one of the hottest and easiest online business now in Nigeria, it’s all about looking around you, identifying the problems people have then you set to work to try to get the solution for them, let’s take Unemployment for example, sure you know a lot of people are looking for jobs. So therefore these unemployed people will appreciate anything that will increase their chances of getting a job.

You can now go online and make research on how to easily get a job,  how to prepare for interview, how to dress for the interview and how to write a compelling CV, after gathering all these information, you compile them into an article, guide or eBook and call it “Get That Job Of Your Dreams” or any other catchy title that will attract your audience, so that is your information product you can now create a sales letter which you will distribute to subscribers and sell your information product to them.

You can create information products on various niches like, weight loss, Making Money, Traveling etc just identify a need and get to work on it.

Information products can be in the form of eBook, Video, and Audio

Well that is it for today, this blog is actually not for online business options but small-scale businesses so I will be returning with posts on small-scale businesses that require little or no start-up capital.

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Hi friends, how have you been? I will be writing on Online Business Options today as a source of small-scale business, if you have not been following my blog you can check out my last post on Bulk SMS Business, Online Importation Business, Car Wash Business, you can also check the archives for the other posts.

Affiliate Marketing:

This is the fastest, simplest and easiest business to begin when going for an online business, it is so fast you can start making money in 15mins and so low-cost you can start making money with as little as 15 dollars (N2, 445), In Affiliate Marketing you partner with online business owners to help them sell their goods or services and you in return earn a commission, by earning a percentage for each sale you make.

You can help them make sales by marketing their websites on google.com (Google ad words) or you can also help them make sales by referring your websites visitors to their websites.

The most popular Affiliate Networks are clickbank and commission junction,  for in-depth information on how to make money with Affiliate marketing  subscribe to my new blog on online business options at samiragz. blogspot.com


Blogging is another means of online income if you love writing. A blog is an easy to use and free to own website where you can easily make posts on, if you can send an email yourself then you can use a blog it’s as easy as that, Blog is short for the term Web Log. The first thing you do here is choose a topic which you are greatly interested in and begin blogging on it. After you have posted these contents on your blog you can then start making money with it by running Google AdSense adverts on it, Google AdSense is a type of advertisement program run by Google.com, for more information on how to make money blogging subscribe to my blog on making money blogging at samiragz.blogspot.com


These are two opportunities that are much related, and that you can take advantage of simultaneously.

For the web hosting part, you will have to be a reseller of some already existing hosting company – as I guessed you might not already possess enough financial resources to provide servers and adequate power supply to keep the websites you will host online for 24 hrs. There are several online companies offering reseller programs. You can either join one of them or find a host where you can purchase their packages and then be able to sell them for a handsome enough profit.

Right now, there are a number of Nigerian based hosts (who you can pay in Naira) and then resell the hosting at a profit. To make the most profits from reseller hosting, it would be nice if you combined your hosting and designing services together. For information on how to make money designing website and hosting subscribe to my blog on making money online at samiragz.blogspot.com

I will be stopping here for today, visit back to read the continuation of this post on Online Business Options. I do hope this post have been educative if you have any comments, suggestions or questions please leave them in the comment box below and please remember to share this post on Facebook, Twitter

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Hi friends, how have you all been? I will like to appreciate those of you that have been sending me comments and mails concerning my posts i’m thrilled because this only means i’m reaching out to you which is my aim. You can check my old posts here ONLINE IMPORTATION BUSINESS, CAR WASH BUSINESS , CATERING SERVICE, POULTRY FARMING, FOOTBALL VIEWING CENTRE, Small Businesses That Require Little Or No Start Up Capital I must apologize for not writing earlier, I’ve been busy trying to also get myself into one of these businesses I’ve been writing about and i can only tell you it has been fun.

I’m going to write about the Bulk SMS Business today.Bulk SMS is simply sending of SMS messages to large number of phone numbers usually via the internet through an SMS gateway. It is just like normal way of sending SMS from one phone to the other the only difference here is that you send the message to a large number of persons or phone numbers with just a click of button through the internet at a very cheap rate. A bulk SMS gateway provider is required to do this because the message is sent to the recipient through an SMS gateway.

Bulk SMS business is that business that you can do with little capital and have a  huge profit.

Bulk SMS is a very cool and easy business to start because it’s very profitable as you get from between 50 to 200 percent profit on it. It does not require high start-up capital in fact with 15,000 naira you can start your own bulk SMS business, it is easy to set up as you are not required to build the website as every thing will be handled by the dealer. To get your own Bulk SMS site click here, you don’t even need an office you can work from your home. It is not time-consuming after you’ve set it up all you need to do is marketing and with just a click you send whatever messages you need to send.

There’s an increasing demand for bulk SMS  these days in Nigeria as now almost all weddings, ceremonies, businesses, organisations and even religious institutions are all making use of bulk SMS as a means of advertisement.

Now to start this business all you need is a customized bulk SMS  website,  access to the internet  and then your customers. Text messaging is a big revenue earner in the Mobile Industry.  With a single button click you can send one message to millions of mobile phone recipients. You simply buy sms credit for N0.80k and sell for just N1.50 (depending on the quantity because the higher the quantity the lower the amount)  or a chosen rate per recipient. This is far cheaper than using your mobile phone to send all such messages at the usual high cost of N4 to N10.

A bulk SMS service provider can accumulate a database of phone numbers and lent these numbers to companies to use and send their adverts. Thus, the provider will charge the companies for the phone numbers and for the SMS. You can also resell your bulk SMS to other persons or companies who may wish to start the bulk SMS business too.

You can make over N150,000 from the bulk SMS service businesses below. If you want to start your own bulk SMS business today click here to get one now

To market your bulk SMS business you can place adverts online, submit proposals to companies, organisations and churches and also word of mouth ,you can get the phone numbers by purchasing from established  providers.

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Hello friends, i do hope you are all doing great and that most of you if not all have started some of these businesses I’ve been giving ideas about, if you had missed any of my posts you can go back to them here Small Businesses That Require Little Or No Start Up Capital,  FOOTBALL VIEWING CENTREPOULTRY FARMINGCATERING SERVICESCAR WASH BUSINESS etc .

Now that we are done with that I’m going to be writing about the online importation business today, you really have no reason to be idle or not earning a living.  An online Mini Importation business can be started with a very small amount of capital and can be done from the comfort of your homes with just your computer and a good internet connection which is not much, you can even start this with as little  as 20,000 Naira and make a profit of over 200,000 Naira in a month, you don’t need to travel to any country but from the comfort of your home you can make your orders at very good and cheap prices and they will be delivered to your doorstep.

In the Nigeria of today, the rate of unemployment and the rate at which most organisations are closing down is alarming so in order for the average Nigerian to make ends meet, they need to have access to Multiple Streams of Income,  businesses that bring Constant Streams of Income  – trading… buying and selling… a business whereby the products or goods you sell are rapidly bought by consumers and you need not spend through your nose to raise capital to buy these products…a business in which you import the goods by yourself, right in front of your computer without going through the bureaucratic procedures of Nigeria Customs Service and other government agencies.

You also do not need a shop to start all you need is aggressive marketing. In a normal buying and selling business you will normally buy from people who import to resale, but do you know that when you buy these goods from people who import you will need to add your own profit so at the end of the day the price gets too high for the customer out there, but then when you import yourself you can now sell it at the price you would had bought it from the importer to the retailer which makes it quick affordable for the customer.

the mini importation business in Nigeria involves buying goods from online foreign companies at very cheap price and importing them in selling them with a profit. Online importation business is really a very lucrative business now in Nigeria. With this business you will have very high returns and you don’t need to travel anywhere except advertising your goods.

Now this is what you do identify a good website where you make your orders from by going to google to research good, reliable and legitimate companies, as you do this do it with caution as there are a lot of companies online that are scam, look for only those companies which have been in business for at least 5 years. Additionally, look for those companies which are listed on Commission Junction as partners. Finally, find out if the company offer a money-back guarantee or buyer protection policy with the products that they sell.

Identify a good supplier make sure the supplier you want to buy from have a very high positive reviews from past customers, now take time out and chat with the supplier, then place your orders and pay using your normal debit cards, most of our Atm cards are now accepted online and there are various websites you can order goods from, goods ranging from electronics to clothing, there’s nothing you cannot import and the good news is some of the goods  even come with free shipping.

You can import goods like laptops, tablets, phones, jewelries, apparel, etc, but before you place your orders make sure what you intend importing is not  contraband  and can be legally imported into the country .Trust me. You simply cannot go wrong with this business opportunity! And I will tell you why. It is because you are dealing with reliable and genuine companies on the internet, with many years of good reputation for doing genuine business behind them.

This is because all orders and purchases are covered by escrow buyer protection. In case you do not know what that means, here is how escrow buyer protection works.

An escrow is an arrangement made under contractual provisions between transacting parties, whereby an independent trusted third-party receives and disburse money and/or documents for the transacting parties, with the timing of such disbursement by the third-party dependent on the fulfilment of contractually agreed conditions by the transacting parties.

As with traditional escrow, Internet escrow works by placing money in the control of an independent and licensed third-party in order to protect both buyer and seller in a transaction. When both parties verify the transaction has been completed per terms set, the money is released. If at any point there is a dispute between the parties in the transaction, the process moves along to dispute resolution.

In other words, the escrow buyer protection guarantees that the seller will be paid only when the buyer (that is, you or any other person who has ordered their products) confirms that you have received the products ordered in good condition.

So, the power is right in your hands to confirm receipt of the products ordered in good condition or to file a claim otherwise for a full refund of your money.

Consequently, if you fail to receive a product which you ordered from the companies, or if the item you receive falls below your expectation, you can make a report and you will be entitled to a full refund of your money.

But, if you fail to confirm that you have received the products ordered and also do not open any dispute regarding the product, the buyer will be paid at the expiration of 27 days.

So, you have absolutely nothing to be scared or worried about. Your online transactions are well covered.

After placing your orders start marketing your goods even before they arrive so as to get ready buyers for your goods, personally i will suggest this business because i feel it’s the best home based business. For more in dept information on this business visit Mini Importation Business.

I hope this post have been helpful, if you have any questions, suggestions or comments please leave them in the comment box. And please do not forget to share this post with others( Facebook, Twitter).

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Hi hope you are having a great weekend wherever you are, I’m going to write about Car Washing Business today, you can also read my previous posts CATERING SERVICES, POULTRY FARMING, FOOTBALL VIEWING CENTRE and Small Businesses That Require Little Or No Start Up Capital.

Starting and setting up a car wash business could be a fun and profitable especially if you love cars. With the right location, v.i.p service and good marketing, you can attract large customers who love class to have their cars washed, for a reasonable and affordable price. Most Nigerians love class and they do cherish their cars so if you provide services that makes it look like you will wash and take care of their cars with tender loving care, I’m sure you will be getting a lot of customers, if you can just upgrade your services a little bit different from the next car wash at the corner it will go a long way.

Starting up a car wash business also needs a reasonable amount of capital, and good planning so you can’t just wake up one morning and decide to start a car washing business, you really need to plan it out well.

 Car washing business can be profitable because there’s an increase in the number of car owners every day in Nigeria and most of these people are busy and do not have the time to wash their cars themselves. The potential of this business increases in areas where we have bad roads and dusty climates as these makes the cars dirty easily and thereby needing to be washed.

The way you set up your car washing business depends on the capital you have at hand if you don’t have enough capital to start, you can start by doing what is known as mobile car washing business this is a method in which you go to people’s houses to wash their cars for them, for this to be successful you will have to go to their homes very early in the morning so as to do the washing before they are ready to take the car out for the day,  you can be doing this until you are able to raise enough money to get a location and set up the business fully.

Another way you can  raise capital for your business is by writing a business plan and present to private investors and show them your ideas. 

Now before you start this business there’s a need for you to do  feasibility studies, for every business i always suggest you do a feasibility study so you know your competitors and what you are up against, know the best way to run it and also to know the latest trends and technologies in the business.

When starting a car wash business you need to think out where you intend to locate your business, regions varies depending on your capital, if you go to high brow areas then off course you know your car wash must be of standard and modern

Tips on location

Make sure that your car wash venue is close to a residential neighborhood and at a place where your sign is visible to drivers . Ideally traffic should move past at more than 40 miles per hour (i.e. 64km/hr) so drivers should have time to see your notice and make a fast decision to get their cars washed.

Select a place large enough to accommodate the pump rooms, the bays, vacuum, drying areas and office.

Your city’s zoning regulations should be checked in order to be sure that you are permitted to open up a car wash at your selected site. If you are in need of a special permit, obtain it before you purchase or  lease your venue.

Make sure you get the necessary equipments for your car wash business.

The equipment you need to get started will depend on how automated you want your car wash business to be, and the type of services you render. If you have little idea as to which items are commonly used in-car wash businesses, never hesitate to ask someone who is knowledgeable in the trade. Buy the right cleaning agents from trusted suppliers and you will have no problems when it comes to dealing with the dirtiest car surfaces.

Note that a lots of your customers will be local, so concentrate your marketing campaigns on your immediate area. Always organize regular specials during off-peak periods to keep your customers coming back.

You can hire hands to handle the job  for you if you can’t do it yourself but I see no reason why you can’t handle it yourself  if you are an unemployed person, you can hire one or two hands to help you out.

Never forget to acquire insurance while you’re at it. The life of an entrepreneur is highly unpredictable and you’ll never know if a problem would arise. Having an insurance ready is a surefire way for you to avoid bankruptcy.

You can market your business by making fliers, word of mouth or advertising in newspapers if you can afford it.

For this business to succeed you need to gain the trust of your customers, earn this by washing their cars well and take care of the cars they leave with you.

I hope  this post  has been helpful, if you have comments, suggestions or questions please drop  them in the comment box below and please remember to share with others( Facebook, Twitter)