Hi friends, how have you all been? I will like to appreciate those of you that have been sending me comments and mails concerning my posts i’m thrilled because this only means i’m reaching out to you which is my aim. You can check my old posts here ONLINE IMPORTATION BUSINESS, CAR WASH BUSINESS , CATERING SERVICE, POULTRY FARMING, FOOTBALL VIEWING CENTRE, Small Businesses That Require Little Or No Start Up Capital I must apologize for not writing earlier, I’ve been busy trying to also get myself into one of these businesses I’ve been writing about and i can only tell you it has been fun.

I’m going to write about the Bulk SMS Business today.Bulk SMS is simply sending of SMS messages to large number of phone numbers usually via the internet through an SMS gateway. It is just like normal way of sending SMS from one phone to the other the only difference here is that you send the message to a large number of persons or phone numbers with just a click of button through the internet at a very cheap rate. A bulk SMS gateway provider is required to do this because the message is sent to the recipient through an SMS gateway.

Bulk SMS business is that business that you can do with little capital and have a  huge profit.

Bulk SMS is a very cool and easy business to start because it’s very profitable as you get from between 50 to 200 percent profit on it. It does not require high start-up capital in fact with 15,000 naira you can start your own bulk SMS business, it is easy to set up as you are not required to build the website as every thing will be handled by the dealer. To get your own Bulk SMS site click here, you don’t even need an office you can work from your home. It is not time-consuming after you’ve set it up all you need to do is marketing and with just a click you send whatever messages you need to send.

There’s an increasing demand for bulk SMS  these days in Nigeria as now almost all weddings, ceremonies, businesses, organisations and even religious institutions are all making use of bulk SMS as a means of advertisement.

Now to start this business all you need is a customized bulk SMS  website,  access to the internet  and then your customers. Text messaging is a big revenue earner in the Mobile Industry.  With a single button click you can send one message to millions of mobile phone recipients. You simply buy sms credit for N0.80k and sell for just N1.50 (depending on the quantity because the higher the quantity the lower the amount)  or a chosen rate per recipient. This is far cheaper than using your mobile phone to send all such messages at the usual high cost of N4 to N10.

A bulk SMS service provider can accumulate a database of phone numbers and lent these numbers to companies to use and send their adverts. Thus, the provider will charge the companies for the phone numbers and for the SMS. You can also resell your bulk SMS to other persons or companies who may wish to start the bulk SMS business too.

You can make over N150,000 from the bulk SMS service businesses below. If you want to start your own bulk SMS business today click here to get one now

To market your bulk SMS business you can place adverts online, submit proposals to companies, organisations and churches and also word of mouth ,you can get the phone numbers by purchasing from established  providers.

I hope this post has been educative? If you do have any comments, suggestions or questions please drop them in the comment box and please remember to share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter etc

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