Hi hope you are having a great weekend wherever you are, I’m going to write about Car Washing Business today, you can also read my previous posts CATERING SERVICES, POULTRY FARMING, FOOTBALL VIEWING CENTRE and Small Businesses That Require Little Or No Start Up Capital.

Starting and setting up a car wash business could be a fun and profitable especially if you love cars. With the right location, v.i.p service and good marketing, you can attract large customers who love class to have their cars washed, for a reasonable and affordable price. Most Nigerians love class and they do cherish their cars so if you provide services that makes it look like you will wash and take care of their cars with tender loving care, I’m sure you will be getting a lot of customers, if you can just upgrade your services a little bit different from the next car wash at the corner it will go a long way.

Starting up a car wash business also needs a reasonable amount of capital, and good planning so you can’t just wake up one morning and decide to start a car washing business, you really need to plan it out well.

 Car washing business can be profitable because there’s an increase in the number of car owners every day in Nigeria and most of these people are busy and do not have the time to wash their cars themselves. The potential of this business increases in areas where we have bad roads and dusty climates as these makes the cars dirty easily and thereby needing to be washed.

The way you set up your car washing business depends on the capital you have at hand if you don’t have enough capital to start, you can start by doing what is known as mobile car washing business this is a method in which you go to people’s houses to wash their cars for them, for this to be successful you will have to go to their homes very early in the morning so as to do the washing before they are ready to take the car out for the day,  you can be doing this until you are able to raise enough money to get a location and set up the business fully.

Another way you can  raise capital for your business is by writing a business plan and present to private investors and show them your ideas. 

Now before you start this business there’s a need for you to do  feasibility studies, for every business i always suggest you do a feasibility study so you know your competitors and what you are up against, know the best way to run it and also to know the latest trends and technologies in the business.

When starting a car wash business you need to think out where you intend to locate your business, regions varies depending on your capital, if you go to high brow areas then off course you know your car wash must be of standard and modern

Tips on location

Make sure that your car wash venue is close to a residential neighborhood and at a place where your sign is visible to drivers . Ideally traffic should move past at more than 40 miles per hour (i.e. 64km/hr) so drivers should have time to see your notice and make a fast decision to get their cars washed.

Select a place large enough to accommodate the pump rooms, the bays, vacuum, drying areas and office.

Your city’s zoning regulations should be checked in order to be sure that you are permitted to open up a car wash at your selected site. If you are in need of a special permit, obtain it before you purchase or  lease your venue.

Make sure you get the necessary equipments for your car wash business.

The equipment you need to get started will depend on how automated you want your car wash business to be, and the type of services you render. If you have little idea as to which items are commonly used in-car wash businesses, never hesitate to ask someone who is knowledgeable in the trade. Buy the right cleaning agents from trusted suppliers and you will have no problems when it comes to dealing with the dirtiest car surfaces.

Note that a lots of your customers will be local, so concentrate your marketing campaigns on your immediate area. Always organize regular specials during off-peak periods to keep your customers coming back.

You can hire hands to handle the job  for you if you can’t do it yourself but I see no reason why you can’t handle it yourself  if you are an unemployed person, you can hire one or two hands to help you out.

Never forget to acquire insurance while you’re at it. The life of an entrepreneur is highly unpredictable and you’ll never know if a problem would arise. Having an insurance ready is a surefire way for you to avoid bankruptcy.

You can market your business by making fliers, word of mouth or advertising in newspapers if you can afford it.

For this business to succeed you need to gain the trust of your customers, earn this by washing their cars well and take care of the cars they leave with you.

I hope  this post  has been helpful, if you have comments, suggestions or questions please drop  them in the comment box below and please remember to share with others( Facebook, Twitter)


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