Hello guys, I’m back here today and want to talk about the catering business,  I do hope though that you are already trying out some of the business ideas I gave you in my old posts. If you have not seen them I suggest you read Small Businesses that require little or no start-up capital, also read FOOTBALL VIEWING CENTRE and POULTRY FARMING.

Now to the business of the day

Catering Business – Anyone who has a passion for cooking can go for this business and whether you have a start-up capital or not you can start this business with no money, now let me tell you what you need to do, if you love cooking you can start by marketing yourself in your neighborhood for any occasion taking place, when you get the job to do the cooking for an occasion you have the options of doing the cooking yourself if you can handle it or, hire hands to assist you or hire hands to do the cooking and then when you get paid you pay the hands you hire from your pay package. Catering business entails more than cooking food alone, it could also include making of confectionery and snacks

For utensils like cooking pots cutlery, plates and food warmers you can rent them if you do not have the money to get your own as you will always find people renting these things out, now let me explain to you, there are two options of catering services the first option is where you are required to do the cooking with your own ingredients  and serve with your own utensils so at the end of the job or even before the job, you do your billing per plate, this simply means  you buy the food ingredients, do the cooking and serve the guests with your plates, cutlery and warmers and in some cases you will be expected to provide ushers or waiters to serve, in this case  you bill per plate depending on the number of people you will serve, for instance if you bill a plate for N400 and you are supposed to serve 50 people then your bill will be 400 x 50 which will give you N20,000

The second option is where your client provides you with all the ingredients needed and all you are expected to do is the cooking after which you dish the food in the warmers for them to come and pick up, in this case you will only bill your client for the labour, you are not expected to provide your plates or cutlery they will take care of that themselves, so here you bill them based on the quantity of the ingredients you are provided with.

Now when you have a catering job to do all you need is to get a place to do the cooking, this you can do from your home if you have enough space  at home and in some cases the clients invite you to come and do the cooking in their home.

You can advertise yourself by liaising with event planners so that when they have  an occasion or event they will let you handle the catering aspect

You can start catering business on part-time while you build the business and get your supplies and equipments. It is very important that you are always on time, meaning you are able to meet up the requested  time of your client and you need to be well organised, you also need to be able to accommodate your client’s needs.

Now like  most businesses catering business succeeds only when there is a drive and passion for the business, catering can be a tedious and challenging business but with the passion and drive you can succeed in it.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, if you do have any questions, comments or suggestion please drop them in the comment box below and please share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter

Have a blessed day

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