Hello, I’m back again today, still talking about small businesses you can start, I’m going to be talking about Poultry Farming today.
Poultry Farming is a very lucrative but risky and tedious business, you need to be dedicated to make it work and it also requires a lot of patience on your part.

You can start this business on small-scale if you can’t go big, you can start by constructing cages at the back of your house if you have enough space but remember to keep the place clean because dirty and unkept poultry house can invite all sorts of reptiles. You can start with day old chicks or few days old but starting with day old is usually better.

Feeds are readily available just ensure you set aside money for feeds. You should include Layers, Broilers and Cockerel. Cockerels are strong and more resilient than broilers. Broilers are ready for market at about 12 weeks while the Layers take about 18 weeks to start laying eggs. As for the Cockerel they take about six months before they are ready for market.
Like every other business starting a poultry business is not easy especially when starting it on low scale. The Layer farming is more lucrative because apart from selling the eggs produced you can also sell the meat.
This business can be very lucrative with hard work and determination but there are a lot of risks involved, for instance the chicks could fall sick and die and once there is an outbreak of disease it tends to affect the whole birds, but like in every other business it’s worth taking a risk.
I hope you enjoyed today’s post, if you do have any questions, suggestions or comments please drop them above in the comments box and don’t forget to share this with others(Facebook, Twitter)

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