I’m back today to continue on my series of small scale businesses, well i am going to talk today on setting up a football viewing centre, it’s no news that a lot of Nigerians are football fanatics especially the youth infact including a number of middle aged and elderly men and even women and most of these people will love to watch football matches in the company of other football lovers especially if they belong to same team.

To start you need to do a feasibility studies of the area where you want set up this viewing centre just to know if there are other centres around so you know what your competition is like.

How you will set up your viewing centre depends on how much you are willing or you have to invest in it,.

First of all you need a space either an accommodation like a large spacious room in an existing building or a space that can be turned into a shed by a carpenter, depending on how much you have to invest. Let’s discuss using a spacious room in an existing building make sure the centre is large enough to accommodate a large number of people and there’s room for expansion and also make sure it is well ventilated,

After getting the location it is now time to set the centre up if you really want to be ahead of your competitors you need to invest well here and make your centre stand out among the other centres around i will suggest, using Air conditioners in the centre this is because you will have all manners of people coming in there so the air conditioner will hep to purify the air, also make sure you have air fresheners handy to use in the centre, you can use plastic chairs with plastic tables or use settees with low centre tables.

The floor should be carpeted so that it gives a lovely and luxurious look to the place, the use of air fresheners makes the place smell nice and neutralizes the air no matter the crowd.

You should have two or three Lcd Tvs so that whenever there are more than one match showing at same time , you can show them simultaneously, get a good generator that you can use incase of power outage and also a UPS so that the TVs will be running on UPS while you change power source without any interruption.Get your DSTV dish or any other dish that show the matches installed.

Now i will talk about the how to manage the place you have to place some rules at the centre for the sanity of the place like no smoking (so everyone both smokers and non smokers can be comfortable there) no fighting etc. Write your rules out and place them on the wall and make them know that anyone that breaks the rule will have his or herself to blame for whatever action that is taken against them.

You should get assistance as you alone may not be able to handle the crowd.

You can also sell drinks and snacks there for more cash and also to make the customers comfortable but i will advice you not to sell alcohol as this can bring about fights when people take too much alcohol and get drunk, as a lot of people tend to misbehave when drunk.

I hope this is helpful and you enjoyed it please if you have any questions,comments or suggestions drop them in the comment box above and don’t forget to share this post with your friends on facebook, twitter etc.

If you can’t afford to start this kind of viewing centre, you can start with what you have or read my post on Small Businesses That Require Little Or No Start Up Capital


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